Social Group

We aim to welcome and support activities bringing members of St. Cuthbert Parish together in celebration of our Christian/Catholic faith.

We are trying to fulfil the growing need of our missionary parish, and we hope to respond with kindness and some joy to the events planned in part to follow the liturgical calendar.

For example, we have held events to celebrate St Patrick’s Day and quiz and race nights have been enjoyed by many members of the Parish.

We are happy to invite parishioners to join our Social Group and/or to listen to ideas for events throughout the year.

We hold regular meetings to plan a variety of activities and would appreciate any input into delivering events. We are happy to have some meetings in the evenings, as a number of our members have family and work commitments during the day.

If you are able to support particular events that would help us significantly and be gratefully received.

New members are welcome to join us!

The Social Group coordinator is Nuala Roberts and she can be contacted at