The Parish of St Cuthbert

Contact Details

Parish Priest

Fr Chris Gorton
Please contact Fr Chris on 01204 587996 or


The Parish Pastoral Team are here to provide practical help and emotional support to those who are recently bereaved as they prepare for their loved one’s funeral and to help with arrangements for funerals that take place in our parish.

Please check the Parish of St Cuthbert Funeral Guidance Booklet 2021 for details.

Please contact

Baptisms and Baptismal Certificates

To arrange a Baptism in the Parish, please attend the 11.15am  Sunday Mass at St Thomas of Canterbury and speak to the Head Sacristan after mass for further details.

To obtain a copy of a Baptismal Certificate please contact the Parish Office


To arrange a wedding please contact the Parish office  In the first instance, you will receive a letter which details all the criteria which needs to be satisfied for you to marry in the Parish. Subsequently Fr Chris will arrange to meet you and discuss your intentions further.

For all other Enquiries please contact the Parish Office

The Parish Office is located at St Thomas of Canterbury Church and is open Monday to Friday 10.30 – 12.30.

Our team of volunteers are happy to help with any enquiries you may have.

Please contact the Parish Office on 01204 497068

Please send all correspondence to:

Parish Office,
St Thomas of Canterbury, 7 Eastbourne Grove, Heaton, Bolton,

Tel number