Pope Francis wants us to go out and show what we believe by our actions and choices to the world in which we live.

Several members of our Parish have already embarked on this journey and make a considerable contribution to the local and wider world community.

The work carried out by the Legion of Mary and St. Vincent de Paul Society in the local area is the regular expression of this.

Within the parish there is a long tradition of generous support of the social outreach of the dioceses, the local area and the international community through our association with Cornerstone (Caritas) Urban Outreach (Bolton) Revive (Spiritans Salford). Food bins in the porches of our churches supply much needed items for the food banks of each of the organisations.

In addition individuals and family teams help in the preparation of the packed lunches in the school holidays and hampers for ‘Christmas Dinner on Jesus’ (Urban Outreach)

‘Children helping Children’ hold a cake and produce sale on the first weekend of each month to support children’s charities in Uganda, Congo, Sri Lanka and Mary’s Meals Back Pack project.

The recently formed ‘International Family Peace Group’ is very well attended and is instrumental in strengthening our links with ‘City of Sanctuary’ based at the Friends Meeting House and the Destitution Project based in Victoria Hall.

The International Family Peace Group meet each Friday in the Beckett Suite at St Thomas of Canterbury from 9.30am till 12 noon.

If you are able to support the Outreach team in any way, your support would help us significantly and be gratefully received.

We are always looking for new members to join us on our journey!

The Outreach group coordinator is Mairead Pindar and she can be contacted at outreach@stcuthberts.org.uk