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Share the Hope!

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Latest Parish Updates

Latest Parish Updates

Church Times for Individual Prayer, Faith Walk up Winter Hill, Joshua and Woolly Latest

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Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles 28th June 2020

Hymns for Sunday 28th June 2020

Mass Sheet Saints Peter and Paul 28th June 2020

Childrens Mass Sheet 28th June 2020

Sunday Message 28th June

Public Celebrations of Mass and Services in church

Update from Fr Chris

Following the announcement earlier this week that from the 4th of July churches are allowed to have public celebrations again we are now looking at the guidance from the Bishops Conference of England and Wales and our own Diocese to find the best way forward. At this stage I want to make it clear that there is no obligation to come to church; people who are in any way concerned or vulnerable should not even think about coming and live streaming will continue now and be part of parish life from now on. We will take time as a parish to plan properly so I am not in a position at this time to give more details or a starting date. Please make this a special intention in your prayers that we do the right thing in the best way possible.

Fr Chris

Church Opening Times –Individual Private Prayer Only

St Thomas of Canterbury church will re-open for private prayer for the following limited periods:

Saturday 27th June 2.00pm – 3.00pm

Tuesday  30th 2.00pm – 3.00pm

Thursday  2nd July 2.00pm – 3.00pm

Saturday  4th July 2.00pm – 3.00pm


There are so many things happening within our Parish at the moment both Spiritually and Socially. Please take time to visit our latest news page. Latest Parish Updates

Diocese of Salford E-Newsletter – June

Statements from Cardinal Nichols and Bishop John

Cardinal’s statement on resumption of collective acts of worship

Cardinal Vincent Nichols, president of the Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales said:

I welcome the statement by the Prime Minister earlier today, that places of worship are now able to resume collective acts of worship from 4 July. This is welcome news for members of all religions in England. I thank all who have worked hard to bring this about, not least my fellow religious leaders.

As Catholics we now look forward to being able to celebrate Mass together again from 4 July. We have waited with patience and longing for this moment, understanding the importance of protecting the health of people in our society. Now we are full of anticipation that we will be able again to take part together in the Eucharist, which lies at the centre of our faith.

It is important that we continue to abide by the guidance, given by the Government, on appropriate social distancing and the other measures to avoid all unnecessary risk. Our own detailed guidance will be distributed around dioceses and parishes so everyone can be confident that they may come to Mass securely and understand the part they are to play in protecting each other from any remaining risk of infection.

The past few months have been a time of fashioning new patterns of prayer, new ways of exploring and enriching our faith and vigorous ways of reaching out to those in need. We can build on these, forgetting nothing of the graces we have been given. Yet now, with the experience of opening our churches for individual prayer already gained, this return to the more normal patterns of worship will be of great importance to all Catholics.

This time of our ‘Eucharistic fast’ has made our hearts grow in longing for that moment when we can come together and receive again the Body and Blood of Christ in the Eucharist. That moment is now very near and for that we thank God.

Response from Bishop John:

We welcome the news that we can once again start to gather for public worship. I know that this will be news received with great joy by my fellow brothers and parishioners.

We await the guidelines from the Bishops Conference to see what this will mean practically for us. There will still be a need to continue with some restrictions and our worship may feel a little different.  It may also be that not all our churches can open and that there is a reduction in the number of services.

We will issue more information to parishes as we receive it and will provide support to assist parishes as we approach the 4th July.

These are unprecedented times and we must recognise that this is the next step in the journey we are on together back to normality, however that may look.


Update from Fr Chris on Individual Prayer at St Thomas of Canterbury


Please watch this video and follow the guidelines below when visiting church for private prayer.


  • Please do not come to the church if
  • You or someone you live with is suffering from or starting to show symptoms of COVID-19 or you have been advised to self-isolate because you have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19.
  • Please do not come if you have been advised to remain shielded, you are clinically vulnerable or have cold or flu-like symptoms
  • The toilets will remain closed
  • The church is open for private prayer only; the recitation of communal prayers with others is not allowed
  • Volunteer wardens will be present at all times to ensure that social distancing is observed, please follow their instructions
  • Hand sanitiser will be available; please use it on entry and exit
  • If you wish to wear a face covering or mask, please bring your own
  • Access will be permitted only to the section (s) of the church being used for prayer; this will be clearly identified
  • Please follow the guidance of the wardens with regard to where you may kneel or sit; also with regard to the direction of movement within the church
  • Family groups may kneel or sit together, provided that social distancing with others is strictly observed
  • Parents or guardians are responsible for children; unaccompanied children will not be admitted


Welcome to the Parish of St Cuthbert and to our website

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Father Chris Gorton

Welcome to our parish website and to the family of the Parish of St Cuthbert, Bolton.

Jesus promised that where two or three are gathered in his name he is present amongst them.

At a time when we cannot gather publicly it is more important than ever to remember that we can and must gather in prayer.

The live streaming of Mass means that we will be gathered as the parish family looking forward in hope for when we can physically gather again.

This time calls for us to  make a Spiritual Communion giving the time that we would normally give for mass by watching the mass online if possible and make it our fervent prayer again and again:

‘Jesus I want to receive you into my life.’

This time calls us to action. We can all exercise a ministry of prayer for each other, for all those in need and our world. This is a very special opportunity for our parish to be a powerhouse of prayer.

Pray, pray, pray!

The churches will be open at different times during the week . And for those who are able to be out and about it is a very important time to look at every way possible to help other people.

Please check our Facebook page for updated information.

Above all we must build our lives on the solid rock of Christ. It is timely to reflect on the parable that Jesus told of the two house builders (Matthew Chapter 7). One built on sand, the other on rock. In both cases the storm came but the house built on rock stood.

We are in the middle of a storm now, let us make sure that our lives are built on the solid rock of faith in Christ and remember the words of St Teresa of Avila:

‘Let nothing disturb you, let nothing worry you, the one who has God lacks nothing.

Let nothing disturb you, let nothing worry you, God alone is enough.’


God bless you,

Fr Chris.





























































































































































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