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St Cuthbert Vision!

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Latest Parish Updates

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The Second Sunday of Ordinary Time 17th January 2021

Please follow these links to read or listen to the Pastoral Letter from Bishop John for the 16th/17th January.

Pastoral Letter 16th January 2021

Recording of Pastoral Letter


D􏰉ear Lord􏰀􏰈

We pray􏰄 that this New􏰱 Year 􏰱will bring us closer to You

May w􏰄􏰱e take the time to get to know􏰱 You.

Help us to trul􏰄y celebrate the gifts You ha􏰏ve graciously􏰄 given us

and use them to serve You and spread Your 􏰱word.

Ma􏰄y w􏰱e also see and love􏰏 y􏰄ou in all the people w􏰱e meet,

so that in turn, they􏰄 can see You in us.

We know􏰱 that all human relations take time if they􏰄 are to grow􏰱 and deepen.

This is also true of our relations 􏰱with You, the Father and the Hol􏰄y Spirit, 􏰱which must grow􏰱

ov􏰏er the course of our li􏰏ves.

In this New􏰱 Year, let us realise that e􏰏very􏰄 action of ours

no matter how􏰱 great or small, enables us to be in touch 􏰱with You.

Let us accept You in our li􏰏ves as,

T􏰀􏰃ruth, to be spoken,

Li􏰋fe, to be liv􏰏ed

Lov􏰅e, to be shared

Joy􏰅􏰄, to be gi􏰏ven,

Peace, to be spread

and as Sacri􏰀􏰋f􏰋ice, to be offered among our relati􏰏ves, friends, neighbours and all people.



There are so many things happening within our Parish at the moment both Spiritually and Socially. Please take time to visit our latest news page. Latest Parish Updates

Welcome to the Parish of St Cuthbert and to our website

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Father Chris Gorton

Welcome to our parish website and to the family of the Parish of St Cuthbert, Bolton.

Jesus promised that where two or three are gathered in his name he is present amongst them.

At a time when we cannot gather publicly it is more important than ever to remember that we can and must gather in prayer.

The live streaming of Mass means that we will be gathered as the parish family looking forward in hope for when we can physically gather again.

This time calls for us to  make a Spiritual Communion giving the time that we would normally give for mass by watching the mass online if possible and make it our fervent prayer again and again:

‘Jesus I want to receive you into my life.’

This time calls us to action. We can all exercise a ministry of prayer for each other, for all those in need and our world. This is a very special opportunity for our parish to be a powerhouse of prayer.

Pray, pray, pray!

The churches will be open at different times during the week . And for those who are able to be out and about it is a very important time to look at every way possible to help other people.

Please check our Facebook page for updated information.

Above all we must build our lives on the solid rock of Christ. It is timely to reflect on the parable that Jesus told of the two house builders (Matthew Chapter 7). One built on sand, the other on rock. In both cases the storm came but the house built on rock stood.

We are in the middle of a storm now, let us make sure that our lives are built on the solid rock of faith in Christ and remember the words of St Teresa of Avila:

‘Let nothing disturb you, let nothing worry you, the one who has God lacks nothing.

Let nothing disturb you, let nothing worry you, God alone is enough.’


God bless you,

Fr Chris.





















































































































































































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