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St Cuthbert Vision!

St Cuthbert Vision!

Films for Young and Older Parishioners

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Latest Parish Updates

Latest Parish Updates

On Line Retreat for Married Couples, Mary's Meals, MISSIO, Miles That Matter, Colour and Shape

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Watch Masses - Live Streaming Service

Watch Masses - Live Streaming Service

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The Transfiguration of the Lord – 6th August

On the last day, we too will be raised from the dead. Like Jesus on Mount Tabor, our bodies will be transfigured and glorified. We will live forever with the Lord in an embrace so close that his divine nature will transform every part of who we are. This, above everything else, is the basis for our hope in Christ. This is the heart of our faith as Christians. Amen

The Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 1st August 2021

Hymns for 18th Sunday of Ordinary Time Year B 1st August 2021

Look Children’s Liturgy 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2021

Newsletter 18th Week in Ordinary Time 2021

Sunday Message 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2021

IMPORTANT – Letter from Fr Chris

There is so much I want to thank God and all of you for as we come towards the summer and a new phase in the extraordinary journey that we have been on as a parish.  In the midst of everything that has taken us out of our routines and normal way of living Christ has been with us and he will continue to be with us in the time ahead.  Rooted in prayer and centred on Christ we have found a way forward and this fills me with great hope for the time ahead.  The resilience, perseverance, and support that you have shown has been exceptional.

Now is the time for us to look forward, to begin to plan with God and dream with God, as Pope Francis says, ‘Let us dream!’  The potential for our parish to grow in faith is great, the potential for our parish to be a missionary parish proclaiming the Gospel and reaching out to those in need as a beacon of hope in our area is real and tangible.  And every single one of us has a part to play.

I have a dream, a vision for a parish that is big, very big.  Imagine someone arriving to our parish for the first time.  Whatever situation brings them to us from the moment they make that first point of contact they are welcomed to a community that is vibrant, fully alive in Christ.  The liturgies are joyful celebrations where everyone has a place and is involved.   The parish is run by the parishioners with a Parish Leadership Team facilitating the different gifts and talents of all the parishioners.  The Parish Priest is enabled to oversee, preach the Gospel and administer the sacraments.  The parish lives outwardly sharing the message of the Gospel and is a place that attracts people.  the schools are an integral part of the parish and the Baptism programme, Sacramental programme and Confirmation programme grow the future of our parish.  People in need experience the love of Christ through us and we have local pastoral areas to ensure welcome to people new to the parish and care for those who are unable to come to church.  No one is left out or forgotten.   People at the time of Jesus were drawn by the extraordinary events as the Kingdom of God was breaking through into the world in the very person of Jesus himself.  If we as a parish and as individuals allow Jesus to break through into our lives in the same radical way then, here and now with Christ the Kingdom of God can break through and transform everything.

Having a vision is one thing, allowing it to happen in God’s way and in God’s time is another.  With that in mind, looking forward to the next few months, it would be a great help if you would please provide information on your plans for attending mass, so that we can plan accordingly. Please complete the table following this link Parish Form 17th July 2020  and return as indicated.

God bless  you.

 Fr. Chris.


There are so many things happening within our Parish at the moment both Spiritually and Socially. Please take time to visit our latest news page. Latest Parish Updates

Welcome to the Parish of St Cuthbert and to our website

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Father Chris Gorton

Welcome to our parish website and to the family of the Parish of St Cuthbert, Bolton.

Jesus promised that where two or three are gathered in his name he is present amongst them.

The live streaming of Mass means that we will be gathered as the parish family looking forward in hope for when we can all physically gather again.

This time calls for us to  make a Spiritual Communion giving the time that we would normally give for mass by watching the mass online if possible and make it our fervent prayer again and again:

‘Jesus I want to receive you into my life.’

This time calls us to action. We can all exercise a ministry of prayer for each other, for all those in need and our world. This is a very special opportunity for our parish to be a powerhouse of prayer.

Pray, pray, pray!

The churches will be open at different times during the week . And for those who are able to be out and about it is a very important time to look at every way possible to help other people.

Please check our Facebook page for updated information.

Above all we must build our lives on the solid rock of Christ. It is timely to reflect on the parable that Jesus told of the two house builders (Matthew Chapter 7). One built on sand, the other on rock. In both cases the storm came but the house built on rock stood.

We are in the middle of a storm now, let us make sure that our lives are built on the solid rock of faith in Christ and remember the words of St Teresa of Avila:

‘Let nothing disturb you, let nothing worry you, the one who has God lacks nothing.

Let nothing disturb you, let nothing worry you, God alone is enough.’


God bless you,

Fr Chris.



















































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