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Testimony and Praise Night Service 

Join us in the special Testimony and praise night Service. It is overcomer’s night. Testimonies shows us God’s power and makes us aware of how God can and does change things or lives.

I will declare thy name to my brethren in the midst of the Church will I praise thee. Hebrews 2:12.

I want you to know about the miraculous signs and wonders the Most High God has performed for me. Daniel 4:2

So if anyone declares himself for me in the presence of human beings, I will declare myself for him in the presence of my Father in heaven. Matthew 10:32.

We all have many questions in life; Search your heart, when in your life has God helped you and how? Daniel counted his blessing one by one that is why he testified, you and I can do the same.

Please come along to share or listen

Date: TUESDAY 16th NOVEMBER 2021

Venue: St. Thomas of Canterbury

Time: 7.00PM


Development of Our Churches

Regrettably further delay has occurred with regard to our plans for St Joseph’s.

The tenders received were not acceptable for a variety of reasons, one being the clear impact of Covid on building costs.

The immediate priority is to attend to the dry rot which has been identified in the corner near the Sacristy and work is in hand on this.

We will be seeking fresh tenders for essential external repairs and internal alterations in the near future.



The total collection for St Cuthbert’s Parish, raised by the Summer Collection 2021, from the Red Mission Boxes, including the Brown Envelopes, was £547.94. Sincere thanks to all members, collectors and direct donors and to all who make their donations by Gift-Aid. Your prayers and donations support the work of the Mill Hill missionaries in Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, the Philippines and India. There are many additional challenges, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Your generosity throughout this difficult time has been greatly appreciated.  Members of the Red Box family are remembered each day at Mass by the Mill Hill community.

You can find out more about how your gifts are transforming lives at

Please contact Bernadette Robinson Tel:492805 for Missio enquiries at St Thomas of Canterbury and Norman Shard for enquiries at St Joseph’s, Tel:846352


Hope in the Future

As we are now able to move forward and especially after the last 18 months we need more than ever to continue together our HOPE IN THE FUTURE JOURNEY.

As St John Henry Newman said:

“God has created me to do Him some service, He has committed some work to me which He has not committed to another.  I have a Mission…”

At the heart of our Parishes there will be people with their own gifts and talents. In using these gifts and talents this enables our faith to become a “faith in action”

On the first Sunday in October the Diocese is inviting Parishes to launch Stage 4 of our Journey, focussing on:

‘Proclaiming the Good News.’

More information will follow shortly in our Parish Newsletters

Let’s Brew This! 

Due to unforeseen circumstances at Morrisons the Coffee Morning has now been cancelled

This Weekend of 19th September there will be a Cake/Jam Sale to support Macmillan Cancer Care.


Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Those with a key fob will be able to access the Lady Chapel at STOC for Exposition during these times:

  • Tuesday 6.00 am-8.15am, 10.30 am –7.00 pm
  • Wednesday 6.00 am –7.00 pm
  • Thursday 6.00 am-8.15am, 10.30 am –7.00 pm
  • Friday 6.00 am –7.00 pm
  • Saturday 6.00 am –11.00 am, 2.00 pm –4.00 pm
  • Sunday   6.00 am-9.00 am, 1.00 pm –7.00 pm




As we are now moving forward and welcoming everyone back to Church to celebrate Mass and

participate in other Parish activities we want to look after each other the best way we can.

We want to make sure everyone feels at ease in returning to Church and so if you know of any of

your family members, friends or neighbours who may need any assistance in returning to Church

either with providing transport for them or assisting them on their arrival could you please help out

in this way.


If you yourself need any help or assistance or if you know of anyone who you think might need

help in this way would you please contact the Parish Office to let them know.


Faith in Action Day

Join us for an online day of talk and prayer to learn more about this year’s climate talks, Pope Francis’s call to action and how people in the Amazon region are leading the fight to care for our common home.

The countdown is on. In a few months, the UK will host the largest gathering of world leaders ever to take place on British soil: the ‘COP26’ climate talks. Our government has a vital role to play in leading global efforts to tackle the climate crisis. But as citizens of the host nation and as people of faith, we have an important role to play too. This is the time to come together, build a community and act. Do not miss our Faith in Action Day 2021 on Saturday 11 September, 11am-4pm



We are delighted to announce the reintroduction of live music and singing into Church starting this weekend when everyone is encouraged to join in with the recordings (albeit from behind their masks for the time being). Over the next few weeks there will be a mix of organist and Parish music group accompaniment at each of the three Masses with recordings being used at all other times. We are currently spread rather thinly with our previous organist at the Saturday evening Mass Gerard Molloy having retired after many years of dedicated service (many thanks Gerard), and the organist at St Joseph’s, Neil Kerrigan, recovering from surgery. However, we are all looking forward to resuming our music ministry in Church and singing praise to God together as a congregation,  so we hope you are in good voice! !

We extend an invitation to anyone from either Church who would like to join us in the Music Ministry to come along to our combined Parish music practice next week on Wed 8th September at 19.30 in St Thomas’ and/or to contact Liz Moxham on or 07876255849 to discuss further. You will be assured of a warm welcome!

Urgent Caritas Appeal: Help for those seeking sanctuary from Afghanistan


As the principal domestic social action agency of the Diocese, Caritas Salford are playing a very active role in supporting Afghan nationals who have been evacuated to our diocese.

In addition to our existing commitments to refugees and asylum seekers, we are working closely with Greater Manchester Combined Authority who have been supporting arrivals to Manchester Airport and arranging temporary accommodation. Our support is focused on exactly what is needed to make the most difference.  Currently that is providing emergency essentials.

What can you and your parish do now to help Afghan refugees?

While the work of humanitarian organisations and efforts to welcome refugees is a sign of great hope, we urge you and your community to pray for the people of Afghanistan, confident in the knowledge that the Lord Jesus Christ will not abandon them.  We also ask that you remember those involved in supporting the evacuation and charity workers in danger in that country and those refugees and asylum seekers already in the UK.

The rapid evacuation from Afghanistan has meant leaving everything behind. Your parish can support evacuees by making a donation or supporting our fundraising for the Afghanistan Refugee Crisis Fund.  Funds raised will be used to buy particular basic essentials for those arriving with nothing.

Click here to donate or find out more, or contact our fundraising team by telephoning 0161-817 2250.

We are also seeking practical support and are continually updating the list of items that are needed. Personal hygiene products and items for children are particularly needed.  The list, together with details of our current donation collection points, can be found at the bottom of this correspondence and will be updated on the above webpage.

Is there somewhere safe, Covid safe and secure in your parish where items donated by parishioners and the wider local community can be received, sorted and stored to await either collection or delivery?  If so, please let us know by emailing

It is essential that elected officials and executive officers act to protect and promote human dignity.  Legislation currently going through parliament undermines this.  You can write to your MP using this template. 

We will be updating our website and social media information regularly as the current crisis continues to unfold.
However, if you require further information or can assist, please contact

Please continue to keep our team of staff and volunteers in your prayers at this time.

Thank you for your support.
Patrick O’Dowd, Director, Caritas Diocese of Salford


•          Adult incontinence pads.
•          NEW Underwear and socks for both adults and children.
•          Personal hygiene products especially toothpaste, toothbrushes.
•          Nappies, baby blankets, baby wipes and hygiene products for infants.
•          Clothing, particularly for older children.
•          Mobile phone adaptor sockets to enable refugees to charge phones.
•          Packs for new or expectant mothers including maternity clothes.
•          Pushchairs.
•          Scarves.
•          Shoes including trainers (no football boots please).
•          Outdoor toys especially balance bikes.
•          Activity packs – including notepaper, pens, colouring sets.

Please help our staff by only donating products that can be used immediately by those in need.  If possible, please label clothes prominently with the size of the garment. Items can be delivered to:

Caritas Red Door – Bury – St Joseph’s Presbytery, Peter Street, Bury, BL9 6AB
(Monday, Thursday and Friday, 9.00 am – 5.00 pm)

Caritas Lalley Welcome Centre, St Malachy’s School, Eggington Street, Collyhurst, Manchester, M40 7RG
(Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 9.00 am – 4.00 pm)

Caritas House, 4 Nobby Stiles Drive, Manchester, M4 4FA
(Monday – Friday 9.00 am – 5.00 pm)

MANCHESTER (City Centre, South)
Cornerstone Day Centre, 104b Denmark Road, Manchester, M15 6JS
(Monday – Friday 9.00 am – 4.30 pm)

St Sebastian’s Community Centre, 1 Douglas Green, Salford M6 6ES
(Monday – Friday 8.00 am – 1:30pm)

The People of Haiti urgently need our help

Following the recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Haiti, around half a million children need emergency humanitarian assistance.

Tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed and there is widespread fear of further damage and danger as aftershocks continue. People are in urgent need of food, safe water, and shelter.

Mary’s Meals has been feeding schoolchildren in Haiti for 15 years and works closely with four well-established and trusted local partners across the country. Many communities were already vulnerable as the Caribbean nation continued to grapple with ongoing political unrest and the long-term damage created by previous natural disasters, so this latest catastrophe has left hundreds of thousands of people in desperate need.

Our partners are co-ordinating an emergency response, to deliver emergency ration packs of essential food items to families in the worst affected areas.

Please give if you can, to help families in desperate hardship.


Vaccinations – A Message from Bishop John

“Bishop John is urging all adults, who are able to do so, to be vaccinated. Pope Francis has reminded people of the duty to be vaccinated if they are able. The Church is clear that all Catholics can take any of the vaccines on offer with a clear conscience. Even if you are at a low risk of becoming seriously ill, being vaccinated will lower the risk of transmitting the virus to somebody else who might then have a severe reaction or even die. It is particularly important that those in our parishes, clergy and lay-people who visit those who are housebound or otherwise vulnerable are vaccinated.”

Horticultural Reflections

This verse from “God’s Garden” written by the hymnologist, Dorothy Frances Gurney neatly expresses the connection between spirituality and horticulture:


“Kiss of the sun for pardon

The song of the birds for mirth

One is nearer God’s heart in a garden

than anywhere else on earth”.


Gardens have long been associated with a sense of spirituality from ancient times. Gardens for the Egyptians and Persians were designed to represent heaven on earth, based on a formal layout and the use of water. They were places for mediation and relaxation. Religious rites in Ancient Greece took place in hillside olive groves. Medieval monastic gardens were both places for contemplative exercise combined with the more utilitarian function of providing food and herbal cures for the community beyond the walls. If we jump many centuries, the National Arboretum in Staffordshire is a series of memorials to casualties of war set in woodland surroundings, again to encourage a sense of reflection to assist in remembering and forgiving.


Of course, there are many horticultural references to be found in the Bible: starting with the Garden of Eden. We can pick up at random the parable of the mustard seed; references to various labours in vineyards, mention of wheat, chaff, lilies and manna. If we want to explore this theme further, we might make the obvious point that the whole process of planting, nurturing and harvesting is parallel to our human life span. Being in harmony with nature expresses the notion of balance, respect and natural beauty as part of the design for the universe. Growing food provides sustenance for others as a community obligation. The First Nation inhabitants of North America only took what they required to survive when hunting the bison  unlike the Buffalo Bill who delighted in mass slaughter for fun.


So how do we react to the challenge of gardening? Do we go for ordered formality or create a wild environment? Do we respect weeds? Do we cope with the ravages of slugs with a philosophical acceptance that all creatures are to be respected? Do we find digging and mowing as a chance for free exercise that helps us to combat other stresses? What do we look for in a favourite bloom: fragrance, colour, ease of growing, usefulness? Have we planted trees to help counteract climate change? Do we feel perhaps too competitive when growing prize winning roses or marrows? Are we peat free/organic? Our responses reveal our attitudes to our environment and each other, perhaps connecting more with St Francis and a much simplified monastic routine?


During the extended lockdowns, those fortunate enough to have gardens even if this is a window box, balcony tubs or a few house pants with have been able to focus on these visual delights perhaps as a centring down preparation for our prayers. A walk in the local park can also provide the same opportunities for praying outside. We can feel pleased about successfully bringing seeds to fruition and being out of doors is good for our health and state of mind. Perfection is not the main object and we shouldn’t feel guilty that we are not as successful as Carol Klein or Monty Don We can always have our own mini Tatton Flower Show or RHS Bridgewater in our own back gardens. There is a place for simply enjoying horticultural pleasures in a world that can seem all too gloomy. One would like to think that the Old Testament Jews in exile in Assyria got some momentary delight in the sight of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and a whiff of their fragrance to sustain them in their woes.


Nick Tyldesley – copyright July 2021



Editor’s Note

Just occasionally, whenever I do the Newsletter, I find there is a sparsity of News. Not very often I hasten to add.  It might be during a holiday period, as now.

It would be good if you as one of the parishioners could send stuff of interest, i.e. Books, Films, Music, Religious articles or anything that might be relevant and inspiring? These items can also go onto the parish website too. So, what has grabbed your attention and interest recently and can be shared?

You can do that by emailing;


Read the daily Gospel through Art.

What is Christian Art?

Our mission is simple: Art and Christianity no longer resonate as an inherent, magnificent pairing. Actually, it is a feeling that goes both ways: most Christians no longer see Art as being important or even as a relevant way of promoting the faith; and non-believers don’t value Christianity as having been at the forefront of the arts throughout the centuries, responsible for creating some of the most magnificent artworks out there. Our offering is simple: one newsletter a day where we simply send you the Gospel reading of the day, alongside a work of art that we believe is poignant, reflective and appropriate to that reading. We offer a short reflection on the artwork and the reading. We simply give you the tools for you to meditate on the daily Gospel alongside a work of art. We are an apostolate within the Roman Catholic Church, based in London.

The daily reflections are given by Patrick van de Vorst. You may know him already as the entrepreneur, dealer and art expert and former winner on BBC’s Dragons Den. But, just recently he has considered a Career change.

He said in a recent interview.

‘I am not yet where I want or have to be…‘  what he meant was: he wants to be closer to God and to be a priest. In September 2019 Patrick started seminary in Rome.

Subscribe now to get daily Gospel readings.

If you visit the website www.Christian.Art you can subscribe to receive your daily readings & reflections by email. You can also look at Today’s Reading or Past Readings.

Also available are YouTube videos to mark different and significant parts of the Church’s Liturgical Year and other occasions. Well worth a visit.





Parish Music on Spotify

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the Parish Facebook page. Well, here is something you may not know or be aware of.

Hear Again, the music from the different masses or the music from Pentecost or the Feast of SS Peter & Paul.  Perhaps, there was a piece you liked?  Liz & Lucy who organise the music and hymn sheets for each service, have in collaboration with Sarah, (who runs the parish Facebook page,) placed a music link to SPOTIFY a music app, (you have to set up a free account). Here you can listen again to those special pieces. In fact, you can even start your own collection of music of all the songs you like from this collection using this app. Follow the Facebook link on the parish website. Discover new sources of music this way.

Parish Monthly Prayer Meeting

On the first Tuesday of every month at 8.00pm, there is an opportunity for us to come together for half an hour of quiet meditation and reflection.

At the moment we meet on Zoom.

This thirty minute Prayer Evening involves a Reading and a Reflection with some quiet time for personal contemplation and private Prayer. We begin and end with a hymn.

Everyone is welcome whether you belong to the Parish or not.

If you would like to join please email who will arrange to forward you the required link to join in the meeting.

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there among them.”



Cathedral Children’s Choir

After making its debut this weekend, our Cathedral’s children’s choir is on the lookout for even more new voices to join.

There are two choirs for young singers – one for children aged from seven to 12 years old, running on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4.15-5.30pm; and a youth choir for those aged 12-18 running on Tuesdays from 5.45-6.45pm. Both are based at Cathedral House.

Alex Patterson, the director of music at Salford Cathedral said, “The children’s choir started in September 2020 and we think this is the first time the Cathedral has ever had a choir like this in its history.”

“It’s part of a wider programme to establish a singing programme for all at the Cathedral so any child or young person in Salford can have the opportunity to come and sing great music at the Cathedral.”

The children’s choir sang for the first time at Mass last week, but have been back rehearsing since the 13th of April, so it was exiting for them to be able to illustrate how far they have come since joining the choir.

The choirs do not just sing hymns they sing a wide range of music from a range of cultures and heritages, fully embracing the rich cultural history of the Catholic music tradition. The children have been singing plainsong as well as hymns and singing in Latin as well as English. Quite a lot of the warm-up songs come from cultures across the world.

For more information on how to sign up please email

Mary’s Meals

The Parish recently donated 60 backpacks following the May Appeal from Mary’s Meals. Here is a letter of thanks from their Executive Director, Daniel Adams:

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your generous donation of 60 backpacks and for supporting Mary’s Meals.

Mary’s Meals normally serves nutritious meals in school to children living in 19 of the world’s poorest countries, giving them the energy and opportunity to gain an education that can one day be their ladder out of poverty.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we are determined that our work won’t stop. We are continuing to safely distribute meals to children at school where possible, or at home for those who are not yet able to return to the classroom.

Your generous donation will ensure children in Malawi can make the most of their lessons and realise their full potential.

It is an incredible sight to see the faces of children beam with joy when they receive the backpacks.

For many, it will be the first gift they will have received and items such as pens, books and basic clothing become their most treasured possessions in the world.

Jack Chilenje, who volunteers at Chimbaluka School in Malawi, says: “Just the porridge alone gives us hope as many of us are finding it very difficult to provide food for our children.

“These backpacks are really telling us all in this community not to lose that hope.”

Together, we are bringing the hope of a brighter future to so many children. I thank you, with all my heart, on behalf of the children who eat Mary’s Meals.

Yours sincerely,

Daniel Adams

Executive Director, Mary’s Meals UK



Why not be like Eleanor and help in such a useful project. There will be plenty of fund raising events for Mary’s Meals in the near future and we feel that this is a project that our young parishioners could get involved with once the virus is under control. Ask your Mum & Dad, your teacher or someone at church. Keep an eye out for our next appeal.


Since our humble beginnings, Mary’s Meals, named after Mary the Mother of Jesus, has been built on a foundation of prayer and the many little acts of love from those who support us.

There is further information here if you download the Mary’s Meals newsletter – Marys Meals

Encounter: Friday 17th September 2021. Save the date!

Encounter is a follow up event to the highly successful Adoremus Youth Event held in September 2018. Adoremus was the name of the National Eucharistic Congress.

The event will include Mary Bielski, One Hope Project, Shrewsbury Youth Service, Salesians, Animate Youth Ministries, Archbishop Malcolm McMahon, young person testimonies and input, and more to be confirmed.

The event will be aimed at those in year 8 to year 13.

More information will follow.

Children’s Liturgy – Colour and Shape

Fr Chris wants to encourage as many children and their families as possible to look at and enjoy this programme together on a weekly basis. Only about fifteen minutes long, it can been seen as part of their home learning programme in these times of COVID-19 . Just type in Connect Sunday-Colour & Shape to get the current video, then subscribe.

Colour and Shape is a weekly online Children’s Liturgy for young families unable to attend their Catholic Parishes while in Lockdown during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Sunday Liturgies are uploaded here for ease of sharing and viewing, however there is more content and social interaction over on Facebook, where Colour and Shape can be found too.

It is recommended by a number of parents in the Parish who use Colour and Shape with their children.

Please follow this link to Colour and Shape on Youtube: Colour and Shape


Coffee Morning

Every Thursday at 10.30am (after mass) there is a virtual Coffee Morning hosted by Anne-Marie on Zoom. If you would like to take part then please email Anne-Marie and she will send you an invitation and link to

Urban Outreach – Thank you

We want to say how grateful we are for your generous food donation towards the work we do here at Urban Outreach. The food you have given will help us with our much needed work across Bolton. We are busy preparing ourselves for the impact of the changes to the Government’s Furlough Scheme and any fallout that that may bring along with the expected continuing economic downturn. Our projects are now needed more than ever as more people will find the need to turn to us for help. Throughout the month of June we distributed a total of 2627 food packages which fed 4393 individuals. The food given weighed the equivalent of 75 small cars! We also distributed gas and electricity packages supporting 34 households. As ever we felt privileged to walk alongside these people in their time of crisis. This was only possible through the generosity of our supporters and volunteers. Thank you for your continued support for all that goes on here at Urban Outreach. Impacting Bolton is definitely a town wide effort and one that cannot be done without everyone getting involved.

Your support is appreciated by us all. God bless, Dave Bagley Chief Executive