Local Community

The Churches Together Network Group and other Faith groups are all involved in our wider community through offering spiritual support; practical help for those in need via lunch clubs, food banks, social opportunities for the lonely.

There is a rich agenda of activities across our congregations and it makes sense to work as partners where appropriate but not duplicating the good work that already exists.

Our Christian outreach is based on sharing what unites rather than divides us. We can invite each other to study groups; social events, shared worship and wider community projects. An important event was the ‘Churches in the Park’ celebration in Moss Bank Park in June 2018, where we celebrated our new parish and how we can further develop links with others.

Just smiling together as friends, being more familiar each other’s ways of being Christian is the way forward. The most recent Meet your Mosque programme has already opened up some links in the Halliwell area. We shouldn’t rush matters – friendships are best built up slowly but surely.

Our role as a Missionary Parish is to be out there: being who we are and inviting good contact with our spiritual neighbours.

Our Local Community Group Facilitator is Nick Tyldesley.

To find out more about our work or to join Us contact: