Children’s Liturgy

At each weekend mass, the children’s liturgy group support parents by helping to plant the seed of faith in your children.

All children are welcome to join us and we simply ask that those attending are ready and prepared to participate.

The children gather in church at the beginning of Mass and go to their own space to pray, sing, listen to a simplified version of the Gospel reading of the day followed by a related activity.

We often have pictures to colour and word searches/ puzzles for older children, all based on the week’s Gospel. At the end of the session, we aim to have created a display for the altar and something for children to take home to remind them of the key message for them of the Gospel during the week.

We come back into Mass after the homily.

Children under five years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

All leaders, even though volunteers, have had DBS checks carried out to cover them working with your children.

To find out more about our work or to join Us contact:

Sacramental Programme

This is a programme primarily led by the Parish and greatly supported by our primary schools to prepare our children for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist.

We follow the Liverpool Archdiocese sacramental programme with both children and parents following the steps on the programme together.

Children can begin the programme when they reach Year 3 in school and must have been baptized. Children attending  other schools outside of the Parish are welcome to join us.

We ask that families make a commitment to support their children by attending all the preparation and by coming to Mass as often as they can.

To find out more about the Sacramental Programme, please contact Us at :